Duane Michals

Another catch up post. I think I must have spent most of my time on Part 2 photographing fairies, no wonder my tutor said there were gaps in my blog.

I can’t quite believe that I’ve been ignorant of this work. There’s a delicacy to it. I know from experience that handwriting and photographs are a hard combination to get right but these images are perfect. They manage to give you more information without shutting down your readings. I actually forgot about the exercise (again…) and got lost in the work.


So the question is, is the image proof of a happy liason or is that what we choose to see? I think the answer can be whatever we want. We know that photographs are not proof. If we’re lucky, they might be “proof” of whatever was in front of the camera at the time that the image was made. It feels to me as if the image and its caption is about trying to convince himself that the relationship was indeed happy, at least at that time. It makes me think of how we use words on photos to reassure ourselves, to try to extract a truth from the image that might not actually be there.

As I have the luxury of writing this long after I thought Part 2 was finished, I think of how my Part 3 Self Portrait assignment combines text (via period tracker app screenshots) with mobile phone self portraits. The data was personal to me and allowed the images to carry more meaning, they carried their own context like a hermit crab carries its home.

One thought on “Duane Michals

  1. sarahdandrews January 8, 2019 / 12:32 pm

    I explored Duane Michels during FiP and love his work. I have used “saying Goodbye to Grandpa” in bereavement work.

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