Peer learning – coffee, cake and home truths

I went to Avebury today to meet Liz Nunn and Holly Woodward and hand in some work for the forthcoming OCA South West exhibition. We took advantage of an empty café to lay out images and discuss presentation, then talk about our work and challenges over coffee and cake and enjoy the exhibition of portraits – Raising Horizons – by Leonora Saunders. It was great to spend time together, I had met Liz at OCA SW meetings but hadn’t had the opportunity to learn more about her and her work.

Cutting a long conversation short, Liz pointed out that my work is rather more feminist than I am aware of. Since she is now the third person to say this, and only one of the three was my tutor, I am willing to concede that she has a point 😉  Liz then talked about the “force field of discomfort” that I’d observed in front of my underwear photograms at the Showcase exhibition, and both her and Holly observed that my work often addresses subjects that engender discomfort and that we don’t talk about – periods, miscarriage, used underwear… and also that is a trait that I should consider as a positive. Somehow that felt like a very good use of a couple of hours.

I then had a quick look in the two museums on the Avebury site. I am increasingly intrigued by the presentation and labelling of museum exhibits, an interest which I think was sparked by Jane Williams’ Fibs & Fibulae exhibition of constructed museum artefacts that I saw a while back. I’m fascinated by the extra layer of context that is added when something is put in a glass vitrine and given a number and a caption. There might be something here for my photograms, but it needs more time to cook.


One thought on “Peer learning – coffee, cake and home truths

  1. Stefan J Schaffeld - Visual Artist November 9, 2018 / 8:27 am

    Kate – you might be interested in visiting the current ‘Inside Out’ exhibition at DrawingRoom, London, about discomforting unsettling aspect of being female and tabu e.g. menstruation ( Unfortunately only till Nov 11. I went there (you can read my blog entry) and there was a study visit last Sat. It may raise the question of feminist or female (or both). I fully agree with Liz’s comment on ‘sensing the discomfort zone’

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