Submitting work for OCA Showcase

One of the benefits of setting up a small collective of peer students has been an increased sense of accountability. The insistent small voice reminding me to watch the video that I suggested we discuss and do the work that I said I’d do, and in this case, to follow through on a declared intention to submit more some any work to exhibitions and competitions by actually doing so. OCA announced an open call for physical and jpg work to be shown at the Oxo gallery at the end of October. It’s a brilliant opportunity and I’m happy to say that I’ve both posted and emailed work for consideration. Even if nothing of mine is selected I shall take a day and my daughter to visit London and have a look at the show.

I have sent some of my telephone jpgs from EYV A4 Language of light ( red telephone boxes at night ) and a concertina book of small test photograms from my C&N A5. Some are on 7×5 paper, some are on cut scraps and one is just on a scrap which I have mixed feelings about. One side is the more hi-contrast images, the other side is more diaphanous images. I had some problems with stray spray mount so used pieces of non-stick paper to stop pages sticking together. It is most definitely a work in progress, a snapshot of the beginnings, rather than the finished piece. I’ve called it “Smalls”.

Wishing all the best to everyone who’s submitted work for consideration, I shall write another blog post when I’ve been to see the exhibition!

2 thoughts on “Submitting work for OCA Showcase

  1. Stefan J Schaffeld - Visual Artist October 6, 2018 / 11:59 am

    Good to see your work you submitted. I also did and my box is on the way. (see: . I like the leporello installation. Memories at once. Perhaps we’ll see each other at exhibition – if it goes through.

  2. sarahdandrews October 15, 2018 / 2:34 pm

    I loved your phone box work Kate. I do hope you get selected. I too also hope to get to Oxo Tower at some point.

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