OCA South West, Paignton 8.9.18

I went to an OCA South West study day in Paignton with Holly last Saturday. It was a well attended day, and very thought provoking. People came from a broad range of creative disciplines from Levels 1 to 3 and brought a correspondingly creative range of work with them. Jesse Alexander talked about two series of his work – encompassing a woodland landscape series and the use of landscape almost as a “prop” in dating app profiles. This latter gave me plenty to think about, especially that it was designed to be viewed on a phone.

I still struggle a bit with finding a way “into” landscape photography. I feel as if I’m circling an enclosure trying to find the way in. Or perhaps I’m patrolling my own perimeters trying to find a way out. I’m probably over complicating it and sometimes (quite often) find it hard to imagine how the landscape genre could fit with the work that I’m making. It’s encouraging to see landscape work that sits outside traditional landscape tropes and that is still relevant. The Simon Schama video gave me something to think about too. Landscape can still seem rather vast to me, and I tend to work with the small.

It was inspiring to see the diversity and creativity of everyone’s work and people were generous with their thoughts and ideas. There was a lot of materiality present – not just on the textiles work but also across drawing and photography work too. I’m going to write a separate blog post on the very helpful feedback I received on the photograms. It was interesting to see the issues that others faced with their work – from the mental block on getting going on an exercise through to the intricacies of how to pull together different creative strands of a body of work into a cohesive whole with the different strands all working together. I felt reassured that when I get stuck there are people that I can ask.

Here are some snaps from work on the day. I don’t have everything photographed – often I was too immersed in the work to remember to pick the phone up and photograph it.


Thank you Anna, Jesse and everyone who attended for a very rewarding and inspiring day.

2 thoughts on “OCA South West, Paignton 8.9.18

  1. elizabeth509713 September 10, 2018 / 10:45 am

    Hi Kate. I’m glad that you found the day useful. I’m just trying to write my own blog post about it now. I hope you’ll come along to more of the southwest meetings in the future. I’m really eager to see more of your lace work!

    • Kate September 10, 2018 / 11:59 am

      Thank you Liz! I had such a good day, am still creatively stoked even now. I will definitely be coming to more of the southwest meetings, need to find a way to balance them with TVG which I also take part in. I enjoyed your work very much and am looking forward to seeing how you choose to present it. I’ll certainly be trying lumen prints – was going to set up last night but ran out of time.

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