Cutting with Holly

I am catching up with blog posts here. A couple of weeks ago my friend and OCA peer Holly Woodward bought an electronic die-cutting machine and messaged me “You must come over ASAP”. Luckily we were both free for a few hours the next day.

The machine basically cuts material into a design of your choosing rather than limiting you to the metal dies used in mechanical machines. If you can make the design using the software, you can cut it. I’m always fascinated by the possibilities offered by cutting photographic prints and was keen to explore further.

To summarise, the physical output from the morning was a motorway map from an old atlas which I cut into a wavy grid format. I liked how the change in form led to a change in how the map was read, a road map was reconstructed in a different way and new pathways and routes appeared which are not accessible in reality. The rigid straight blue lines of the map schematic changed to a wavy grid encompassing different roads. Here’s a couple of pictures.



The inevitable corollary of this work was wondering once again whether I should be on the Creative Arts pathway rather than straight Photography. There are strong arguments both for and against, and in the meantime I really need to wrap up this course to a standard that I’m happy with in a suitable timescale. Whatever decision I make it’s increasingly clear that my creative practice is not confined to jpgs and prints.

Many thanks to Holly for sharing her new machine. There may be one coming here too later in the year. You can see some of Holly’s ongoing work on her blog here.

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