Assignment 4 tutor feedback.

Place holder blog post, I will return later with a fuller response to the very detailed feedback. I’m quietly happy with it and have some clear steers on how to improve the essay. I’m also just a bit stunned that I am really on the final assignment of the course now. Click link below for the feedback

Kate Aston Assignment 4 feedback

Returning to write this response. I found my tutor feedback to be very helpful indeed. Although he said that the essay only really needed “some slight reframings and edits” I found that his other suggestions allowed me to understand the work more fully and thus develop the essay too.

I do tend to panic slightly when read things like “evidence your specific sources for the semiological model that you are using” and my use of ” a series of observations rather than being bound by an overarching critical position”. This is a definite learning opportunity for me. I still don’t know if I’ve done it right or not really. Apart from those I think I’ve pretty much incorporated all of the feedback and the essay is much improved for it. Once again I’ve been stunned by the raft of improvement potential in something that I thought I’d exhausted.

On exploring further I learned more about why Teller uses plates in his work, the most interesting thing was the influence of Robert Mapplethorpe. Mapplethorpe’s work was an early influence on Teller and Teller worked with Mapplethorpe’s archive for a joint exhibition. It was thrilling to pull this thread and discover the clear heritage from Mapplethorpe’s plate images through to Teller’s plate images including several in the Palace campaign. It felt like something that I had discovered for myself rather than the normal path of working with other people’s thoughts. My tutor commented on the good standard of my writing and analysis and this makes me feel more positive about the possibility of taking UVC as my next level 1 course.

On the issue of whether or not I should include images that are currently within copyright on a publicly accessible blog I have decided to be cautious and only include the images in the printed copy, which I will send a copy of for assessment. This blog will have the same essay but without the images.

I received some excellent support from the students in my peer collective when working to reduce the word count and tighten my writing.

I would summarise my takeaways from this assignment and feedback as

  1. More rigorous academic writing needed
  2. The extra depth, range and literal tautness that peer and tutor feedback can enable.
  3. How a little bit more research can turn up that couple of sentences that provide the key to understanding why something is how it is.

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