Goodfellas Exercise

I hadn’t actually seen this film before.

The main impression that I get of the main character is one of wealth and ease, and carefully cultivated relationships. We see that it’s a romantic setting to begin with – two well dressed attractive people out for the night. They don’t know each other well – she’s surprised that he’s leaving such an attractive car, but he tips the driver and has a routine (he does this regularly, presumably). They ignore the queue of well dressed people outside the Copacabana club and enter through the kitchens, where everyone seems to know him and be happy to see him, lots of effusive greetings and flesh pressing. He tips his way through with ease. All staff are uniformed and busy but have time to greet him enthusiastically. The soundtrack is “and then he kissed me”, giving an impression of the woman being enthusiastically courted and seduced

When they get into the restaurant they are waved to the head of a protesting queue and an extra table is brought into the room and set. It’s an intimate, softly lit restaurant, again an impression of affluence. Introductions flow, wine appears from other tables, and when the woman asks what he does we learn, probably, that he also lies. I don’t think she believes that a union delegate would be able to afford to tip that generously or have that degree of influence and ease. The drum roll and cymbol crash introducing the comedian reinforces this “joke”.

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