Self assessment for A4

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I feel quite unsure about how to assess this work given that it’s my first essay assignment in nearly three courses. It challenged me in terms of looking at an image properly, dispassionately, and analysing the content It allowed me to see that my skills, undoubtedly still nascent, have developed at least slightly. I could see the difference between in-picture context and external context and how factors outside the image can affect and enrich our reading of the image.

Quality of Outcome

I think I finished this work knowing more about the image and the photographer than when I started, and I know that the work has provoked reaction and discussion. I did feel limited by the wordcount and this makes me wonder if I have not got the focus and/or the writing tight enough.

Constructing the essay was interesting and I think there is probably still room for improvement. I had some very helpful feedback on the OCA forum where I posted a link to my first draft for comment.

I still feel as if it’s not quite finished but I think this is the point at which to submit the work for tutor feedback. It definitely feels as if I’ve done less work than for other assignments, but perhaps this is because I didn’t have the 4-6 iterations of shooting, but 2-3 editing loops instead.

Demonstration of creativity

I was surprised by the degree of creative thinking that this analysis required. Firstly to frame my questions and secondly to resolve them. An example was working out why the white plates were included in these, and other, images by Teller. I also think the choice of image was a creative one – despite being an advertising image it had many “tails” that could be pulled and investigated that opened up the context and research available to me.

Context (reflection, research, learning logs)

There was a lot to consider here. I started with books about reading photographs and about decoding advertisements. I read articles about Juergen Teller and his family and work, I read Vogue and I read about masculinity via Grayson Perry and the skatewear and skateboard culture and market and Palace brand in particular.

I was considering taking Understanding Visual Culture as my next Level 1 course, but this course has left me wondering how much joy I would get from an academic course where the assignments are all essay based.

self assessment


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