I had the opportunity of a third darkroom session with OCA peer Holly Woodward. This session was in a makeshift darkroom at Holly’s, cleaning up and trying out a donated enlarger. It was our first time unsupervised outside a “proper” darkroom and inevitably we were short of a couple of things and the process didn’t always go to plan. That said, we proved the concept and the fascination of watching an image appear (and then disappear in some cases) doesn’t grow old. It is very satisfying to work on acquiring a new skill.

I finished up with 3 photograms, 2 of which are shown here. I am fascinated with the idea of making photograms of lace, and am hoping that doing so will eventually allow me to put A1 to bed, if I can pair the Lacock net curtain images with photograms featuring the same net fabrics. thus closing the loop with a Fox Talbot connection (he made salt prints of lace). I also have my ongoing “other people’s underwear” lace project which I am moving from sunprints to photograms in the hope of achieving crisper detail and being able to accommodate bigger pieces of fabric. Longer term I want to combine prints and photograms on the same single print.

I had dismantled an old alarm clock in the hope of making a photogram with some of the tiny cogs and parts. Inspired by Holly’s current work with dots (link at end of post) I had bought a sheet of circle stencils and wanted to show the cogs within some of the circles. I also added lace. It somehow moved, and the result is slightly blurred, but I think it has potential. I’m looking forward to doing more, both with Holly and in my local darkroom. I’d like to try for a crisper result with more black and white rather than greys.


3 thoughts on “Photograms

  1. Holly Woodward June 13, 2018 / 6:43 am

    Thanks for coming round and doing this, Kate. I really like the lace one – there is loads of scope there.

  2. dbphotographyblog June 17, 2018 / 11:11 am

    I really would love to play around with darkroom/photograms. After seeing Floris Neusüss’s ‘Be Right Back’ I love how photograms can also be used to create physical sculptures. My fascination with pushing the boundaries of still photography, I guess. My desire to become more than just a photographer, I also guess 🙂

    • Kate June 26, 2018 / 1:40 pm

      There is something about photograms, definitely. Now I need to go back to Floris Neususs’ work again 🙂

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