A2 contact sheets

There were many images taken for this work. Unfortunately not all have rendered successfully on the sheets below. For making the selection I sorted firstly by the scenario, then by colour and quality. All images were taken on my mobile phone as this worked better than my dslr in low light. Unfortunately Lightroom did not handle them perfectly in making the contact sheets and some have been omitted, others have been included that shouldn’t be there. I need to address this as part of the rework.

The uncut set.


At this stage it became apparent that many of my favoured images included exactly the same projections. I considered making a set with just one projection onto different scenes but decided to use a broader range of projections with rather less duplication.

Final selection of images.

There are also two videos. I wanted the domestic part of the scene to be clear from the image, so I have removed images that didn’t meet this such as the projections onto the dishwasher salt boxes and the still life projections onto the fruit in the fruit bowl. I have included the saucepan one, even though it’s not in the same colour scheme, partly because it’s not in the same colour scheme and partly because to me it conveys something about the feeling of clearing up left over food and doing the dishes. I wondered about including the shower head as it’s the same projection as on the opening video, but I have left it in for now.

final image selection


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