Photographs inspired by a poem

This was a very interesting and worthwhile exercise. I had forgotten how much I enjoy poetry and it was good to read some again. I struggled a bit with choosing a single poem as several spoke to me. The one that spoke loudest was “Inessential Things” by Brian Patten. It’s in an anthology called “The Emergency Poet” by Deborah Alma, which has lived by my bed (the quick reference pile!) since a good friend gave it to me a couple of years back. Here’s a screenshot from her website:

Inessential Things by Brian Patten

You can hear him reading it here:

I started out with quite a few images, but they tended towards the literal. For me, the overarching theme was the relative freedom/simplicity of a cat’s life compared with the complexity of mine (which includes maintaining my cat’s quality of life). I did have images with text in, but I’ve chosen not to use those, I’m making a conscious effort to use less text in my work.

Alma, D (2015) The Emergency Poet, London: Michael O’Mara.

2 thoughts on “Photographs inspired by a poem

  1. Catherine December 5, 2017 / 2:24 pm

    An emergency poet – what a wonderful idea. Interesting difference between reading a poem and hearing someone speak it – the rhythm of Patten’s voice seemed to take over the words in this instance.

    Your photographs are a great accompaniment.

    • Kate December 5, 2017 / 6:33 pm

      Thanks for reading and commenting Catherine. The Emergency Poet book is excellent, I recommend it. Deborah has a 1970s ambulance and a “Poemedic” 🙂 It was challenging to make work inspired by the poem, definitely worth doing. I’m still tempted by The Jabberwocky!

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