Assignment 2 ideas

My idea mojo has delivered again.

Photographing the Unseen:

  1. Derelict care home Polaroids
  2. Uncle David and me
  3. My period tracker and me
  4. Other peoples underwear
  5. Fear
  6. Under the stairs
  7. Pregnancy tests

Using props:

White shirt


  1. Derelict care home Polaroids – this is a set of images taken at a derelict care home a few days before the site was secured and put up for sale. I’m slightly unhappy with regarding them as “unseen” however as I went to the site with another OCA student and there are any number of urbexers’ videos and galleries of the site online. However… these seem to be uniquely from a male perspective, and generally a young teenage male perspective at that. Urbex from a female perspective, never mind the middle aged female perspective seems rather less common and could count as unseen.
  2. Uncle David and me – my Uncle David died almost exactly a year ago. At his funeral, my cousin asked everyone to go away and do something silly “he’d like that”. So I’ve been making a series of photographs with the photograph on his order of service. Phone pics, phonebooth selfies, him with his great niece… He’s unseen to everyone apart from those who loved him and everyone who sees my photographs. The problem with this one is that I started making the work while I was EYV so some of it predates this course by about 6 months.
  3. My period tracker – new app on my phone and I am intrigued by it in so many ways. It’s the way it combines hard core algorithms with a discreet UI with customisable alerts (“This app requires an update”). Menstruation remains one of the great unseens. I think it could work well perhaps combined with a self-portrait type series.
  4. Other peoples underwear – solar prints of lace on other peoples underwear sourced from car boots or charity shop rejects. Underwear is unseen most of the time when it’s worn, and disposal of it is unseen too – I suspect that much of it goes off to 3rd world countries either for re-use or more likely, to go into their landfill. I don’t know if this has enough legs yet for an assignment. Also I need more sun to make it than I’m likely to see in November and December.
  5. Fear – I’m curious about exploring my fear of mundane photographs. I’m wondering about exploring the OCA list of photographic clichés. I don’t think it would make work that meant a lot though and there’s a risk of it being misunderstood if I actually managed, for example, to create a convincing HDR sunset.
  6. Under the stairs/sink/in the loft – exploring neglected and unseen domestic spaces.
  7. Pregnancy tests – continuing the theme from my EYV A3 work, but instead working with magnified views, or with the negative tests that get discarded. I don’t think there’s enough time to do this one justice however.

White shirt

I have to say that the narrative option on this assignment has appealed to me ever since I first read C&N blogs whilst I was on the Foundation course. Now that I’m here of course I suddenly ran out of ideas 🙂 I do like the idea of making a series of changing room selfies with white shirts in different shops, maybe posting them on Instagram and seeing what happens… It would also be interesting to explore the divergence in sizing between stores, or perhaps to make the work over different days and include a period tracker screenshot for that day. Or work with the “related tags” on Instagram for #changingroomselfie. Lots of options here, and I do need a new white shirt…




3 thoughts on “Assignment 2 ideas

  1. Catherine November 19, 2017 / 2:51 pm

    A real cornucopia of ideas there. Looking forward to more.

    • Kate November 19, 2017 / 5:19 pm

      Thanks Catherine, this is one of the assignments that I’ve been looking forward to so hopefully I can make a good choice. You were missed at TVG yesterday, hope you’re ok.

  2. Catherine November 20, 2017 / 10:45 am

    I’ve always been intrigued by lofts and wondered what people keep in them. Could fit with your climbing skills as well…

    I’m fine thanks – gave myself the day to try to get to grips with my next assignment.

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